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We designed Koura to protect you and people around you, and to make the new world a little bit better place for all of us.

Koura is a new, innovative touch guard that prevents spreading of impurities. It’s a 100% Finnish design product, easy to use and take with you everywhere.

Koura protects you from impurities and reduces the risk of falling ill.

Koura protects you and people around you. Koura “touch” is clean as it is produced using new Finnish innovative Prexelent™ material. It kills germs and impurities, preventing illnesses from spreading.

Koura saves nature and fights against throwaway culture. It is a long-lasting product that reduces the use of plastic disposable gloves and alternative antimicrobial materials that are made from harmful metals. Koura is easy to wash and disinfect so that you can use it over and over again.

Koura makes your life worry-free allowing you to move freely and touch safely.


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Koura protects you everywhere you go. At work, store, public transport and hobbies we touch several impure surfaces multiple times. Every touch of an elevator button, door handle, ATM and touch screen carries a risk of falling ill or spread diseases. By using Koura you prevent risk of falling ill. Let Koura do the “dirty work” and your other hand remains clean to touch your phone or scratch your face.

Koura protects you and people around you. Koura is the world’s first product made from new innovative Prexelent™ material. Clinical tests from Technical research centre of Finland (VTT) proved Prexelent™ to kill 99,96% of harmful impurities, such as MRSA bacteria. Unlike other similar materials where antibacterial substance is a harmful metal (silver, zinc or copper), Prexelent™ uses natural pinetree resin straight from Finnish forest. With Koura you prevent impurities from spreading from one place to another. Read more about Prexelent™ www.prexelent.com.

Koura is a reusable and long lasting 100% Finnish design-product. Koura fights against throwaway culture and saves approximately 7 kilograms of plastic waste a year compared to active use of disposable plastic gloves. Instead of using difficult-to-recycle antibacterial subtances like silver, copper or zinc, Koura uses natural pinetree resin from Finnish forest.


Koura is an everyday carry-on item, just like your keys. Take Koura with you when you leave home and use it when needed. Stylish carry-on and disinfection box nicely fits to pocket or handbag. Koura is comfortable and easy to put on. Use Koura when touching door handles, pens, elevator buttons, gas pumps, touch screens, ATMs or products in store to protect your hand from impurities.

Koura can be put on with one hand only and it is easy and hygienic to undress without the need to touch the “dirty side” at all. It can be stored and carried around in the discinfection box. Prexelent™ material kills impurities and offers unfavorable growth environment for germs. Koura and carry-on box can be easily washed and disinfected by boiling or in diswasher.



We got the idea for Koura in April 2020 in the middle of the Corona pandemic. People were affraid of this new threat and did not want to move around or meet others. We wanted to help people to feel safer, do our part to prevent the virus from spreading and reduce similar pandemics in the future. We worked days and nights besides our day jobs to make Koura happen, and two months later the product sample was ready and sales began! The story has just began, and where it takes us, remains to be seen.

Pari Vesaa ja Masa is a Finnish design company founded in 2017 by three Finnish ordinary guys. Their first product was a potato washer called Potturi (www.potturi.fi). It soon became successful in Finland and allowed the company to continue developing new innovative ideas. The core themes for these three founders are innovativeness, Nordic design and desire to make everyday tasks easier for everyone.

Vesa-Pekka Kiiskinen is a family man with roots in Lapland of Finland. “Vesku” is an architect who lives in his self-designed house in Oulu with his family. Love for design can been seen in stylish look of Koura.


Vesa Korjus is a father of two and one of the most promising industrial designers in Finland. When possible, he loves to spend time at his self-build cabin. Vesa’s design language is clean and emphasises practicality, as seen in Koura. Finnish design at its best!


Matti Rautkivi is a dad for two and spends his free-time with his jolly family. “Masa” charges his batteries from nature and spends time in his grandfather’s old cabin in Virrat, Finland. He has a desire to tell stories and make the world a better place. This is strongly visible in the idea of Koura.


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