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KOURA is a new brand developed by a Finnish local start-up called Pari Vesaa ja Masa (Couple of Vesas and Masa). Unsurprisingly, the name comes from the three founders of the company.

The idea of KOURA brand started in the middle of Corona pandemic. In the new world, touching surfaces and being close to people suddendly got risky, and masks and hand sanitisers became part of everyone’s life. The founders started to ideate solutions to help people’s everyday life. KOURA was born.

KOURA product family includes a mask box with and without sanitiser and a separate miniature hand sanitiser bottle. We continue to develop new products and also an improved version of KOURA glove is in the works.

All KOURA products are developed and manufactured in Finland. We design them to be easy to use, and to maximise hygiene we use antibacterial materials. So whenever you see KOURA logo, you know the products are hygienic, easy to use and made in Finland.


Vesa-Pekka Kiiskinen is a family man with roots in Lapland of Finland. “Vesku” is an architect who lives in his self-designed house in Oulu with his family. Love for design can been seen in stylish look of Koura.


Vesa Korjus is a father of two and one of the most promising industrial designers in Finland. When possible, he loves to spend time at his self-build cabin. Vesa’s design language is clean and emphasises practicality, as seen in Koura. Finnish design at its best!


Matti Rautkivi is a dad for two and spends his free-time with his jolly family. “Masa” charges his batteries from nature and spends time in his grandfather’s old cabin in Virrat, Finland. He has a desire to tell stories and make the world a better place. This is strongly visible in the idea of Koura.


Simo Hämäläinen fills his life with family, work and sports. After a long corporate career with leading global brands, Simo wanted to do something more meaningful, and found Koura. Commercialising new ideas globally has always intrigued Simo and he’ll make sure that Koura will soon be found everywhere in the world.

Vesa-Pekka Kiiskinen
+358 50 310 4891

Vesa Korjus
+358 50 465 7016

Matti Rautkivi
+358 40 480 3743

Simo Hämäläinen
+358 50 585 9757

Pari Vesaa ja MasaPari Vesaa ja Masa Oy
Meijeritie 13 A6
34800 Virrat

+358 40 480 3743

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