KOURA MASK BOX TURQUOISE - Pocket size & hygienic solution to keep masks clean - Koura

KOURA MASK BOX TURQUOISE – Pocket size & hygienic solution to keep masks clean


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KOURA MASK BOX TURQUOISE – Keeps your masks clean and hygienic.

KOURA Mask Box solves the hassle of carrying and storing masks when you are out and about. KOURA Mask Box keeps your masks clean and hygienic. Stylish pocket-size mask box is easy to use and convenient to carry around. It is made of antibacterial material for ultimate hygiene, killing 99,9% of harmful bacteria.

KOURA Mask Box holds 2 disposable masks or 1-2 fabric masks. We recommend to buy a second one with different colour to store used masks.

Mask box comes in five colours; Black, Ochre, Red, Turquoise and Pink. KOURA Mask case is made in Finland.

Weight: 30g

The box is sold without masks so that you can use your favourite masks. In order to make the Mask Box long-lasting and hygienic, we made it out of durable polypropylene plastic which include 0.04% of Silver Phosphate for antimicrobial effect.

KOURA is a new brand developed by a Finnish local start-up called Pari Vesaa ja Masa (Couple of Vesas and Masa). Unsurprisingly, the name comes from the three founders of the company. Vision of KOURA is to develop innovations that solve everyday problems and make people’s lives more convenient. Whenever you see KOURA logo, you know the products are hygienic, easy to use and made in Finland.


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